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The aim of MRCS Penang State Ambulance Service is to serve the needs of the local community. There are 2 Ambulance Service Centres; one in Butterworth which started operation in January 2013 and another in Batu Maung on Penang Island in January 2014.

These two Ambulance Service Centres assist in alleviating human suffering in times of emergencies. The centres support the government hospitals by reaching road accident victims in a very short time to render first aid and stabilise the victims before sending them to the nearest hospital for further medical treatment. At the request of family members, our paramedic staff in these centres will send patients from their homes to hospitals for treatment.

To better serve the local community, ASPIC (Ambulance Service Planning and Implementation Committee) monitors the scope of operation and the adequacy of available resources of these two Centres. ASPIC was set up in September 2017 to replace the ComBase Taskforce which has fulfilled its functions.