The Youth members form an essential membership base to the Penang Branch.  Hence the Youth and Link members in the secondary and primary schools need to be nurtured from young in order to sustain their interest in the MRC Movement.

Throughout the year many activities were organized.  On March 3 to 5, the Penang State Education Department (JPN) organized an Integration Camp for Primary Schools’ Unifrom Bodies at Hutan Lipur Teluk Bahang, Penang. Mdm Ooi Hwei Ching was appointed by JPN to assist the camp secretariat and accompany the MRC Penang Link contingent.

Link at JPN Teluk Bahang Campsite

The JPN held another Uniform Bodies’ Integration Camp for Secondary Schools from March 5 to 7 at the same venue.  MRC Youth members from SMK Penang Free, SMK St. Xavier, SMK Datuk Haji Ahmad Said, SMK Bagan Jaya, SMK Simpang Empat, SMK Hutching, SMK Jit Sin, SMK Sama Gagah, BM High School, SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth, SMK Sacred Heart, SMK Taman Perwira participated.  The accompanying teachers were Mr Daniel Lim, Ms Foo Lily and Mdm Saai Bua.


On April 21 & 22, the Central of Seberang Perai District Education Office (PPD) organized the SPT Formation Foot-drill Competition for all uniform bodies at the State Co-curriculum Centre located in Bukit Mertajam.  The PPD appointed MRC Youth Officers Ms Lily Foo and SPT O/C Link Mdm Ooi Hwei Ching as judges.  The MRC Link contingent from SJKC Keow Kuang won the First Runner-up trophy.  SMK Sama Gagah, SMK Taman Perwira and SMK Convent BM also took part in the competition.

Youth with Full uniform in Hall

A similar Formation Foot-drill Competition was held in SPS District on April 18.  PPD invited SPS Chapter Officer, Mr Chang Chi Chern as one of the judges.  MRC Units from SMK Simpang Ampat, SMK Suajana Indah, SMK Tasek and SMK Seri Nibong took part in the competition.

Island Youth in PPD footdrill competition

The State level Formation Foot-drill Competition took place on June 24 & 25 at the Penang State Co-curriculum Centre.  Ms Lily Foo and Mdm Ooi Hwei Ching were again appointed as judges.  MRC Youth Units from SMKA (P) Almashoor represented the North-east District, Penang Island.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports, together with the MRC National Headquarters, organized the National Youth Camp on May 22 – 25 at Putrajaya.  The MRC Penang contingent consisted of 38 members from all Chapters.  They were led by Mr Jeffy Chong, assisted by Ms Lily Foo, Mdm Saw Yam Mei and Ms Saai Bua a/p Ebau.


The Penang Branch hosted a contingent of 75 Youth members and four Youth Officers from SMJK Krian, Parit Buntar, Perak who paid a visit to the Branch on August 1.  Branch Director Mr Chow Thian Pow, Assistant Director Youth Mr Lim Kuo Shee and Senior Instructor Mr Lim Kok Kong briefed the visitors.


The Youth Units from the Island Chapter represented the Branch at the National Day Merdeka Parade held on August 31.  The VAD members together with an ambulance were on public standby duty.

MRC Penang Link Workshop 2014

The MRC Penang Link Workshop in collaboration with the State Education Department (JPN) was held on November 8 at SJKC Keow Kuang, Bukit Mertajam. About 200 members including teachers and Officers from various Primary Schools took part.  The objective is to encourage the Link members to participate in MRC co-curriculum activities and to train the young members in camp craft, basic practical first aid knowledge, use of life-saving equipment, foot-drill and skills in cooking.


The MRC Youth Leadership Camp was held on November 18 to 21 at SJKC Jit Sin, Bukit Mertajam.  The objectives of the Camp are to develop the leadership potential in the Youths, to encourage team-building amongst the Youths, and to promote the MRC Youth Proficiency Badge Scheme.  About 300 Youth members and Officers from various Secondary Schools attended.  The MRC instructors were assisted by certified instructors from the Royal Malaysian Army, the Rover Scouts, the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba).


The Penang State Education Department awarded Youth Unit 42 Chung Ling Butterworth as one of the “Top 3 Best Secondary Schools’ Uniform Bodies in Penang”, while Mdm Ooi Hwei Ching (O/C Link from SPT Chapter) received the “Outstanding Co-curriculum Teacher’s Award”.  The ceremony took place on October 8 at the Institut Pendidikan Guru Tunku Bainun , Bukit Mertajam Campus.



Report by Mr Lim Kuo Shee
Assistant Director, Youth