The Penang Branch believes in nurturing the members from young. Hence Youth and Link units in the secondary and primary schools respectively are very important components of the membership base in Penang.

youth in hall

Throughout the year, the Branch organized activities for the Youths and the Links. The regular activities included first aid training, leadership training, foot-drill and camping skills. These were all aimed at instilling discipline and teaching the Youths social skills and interaction with their peers and their leaders. The Branch also encouraged its Youth and Link members to participate actively in the co-curriculum activities and events organized by the Penang State Education Department and the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Fire Precaution Workshop

On Jan 21 2013, the Penang State Education Department (JPN) invited all uniform bodies including Government Organizations (GOs) & Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) to a Conference on Co-curriculum Management held at the Teachers Institute of Tuanku Bainun, Bukit Mertajam. The event was attended by MRC Penang Branch Assistant Director of Youth, Lim Kuo Shee.

Link Junior Camp - FA Bandaging

The MRC Link Junior Camp was held from March 22-24 at SMK Datuk Haji Mohd Noor Ahmad, Gelugor. About 100 children & teachers from SK Minden Height took part in this introductory camp with the support of Headmaster En. Illias Bin Tajudin and the PIBG. (the Parents Teachers Association).

youth in mass cooking

The SPT Formation Foot-drill Competition for all uniform bodies was held on April 16 & 17 at the State Co-curriculum Centre located in Bukit Mertajam. The District Education Office (PPD) of Central Seberang Perai appointed judges from various uniform bodies, including MRC Officers Ms Lily Foo and SPT O/C Link Mdm Ooi Hwei Ching. MRC Youth unit from SMK Sama Gagah again emerged as Champion in the Secondary School Category.  In addition, the Link unit from SJKC Keow Kuang also won the First Runner-up for the Primary School Category.

Link in JPN Footdrill Competition

MRC officers Mdm Ooi Hwei Ching and Ms Foo Lily were again appointed as Judges by the Penang State Education Department (JPN) in the State Level Formation Foot-drill Competition organized on April 29 at the State Co-curriculum Centre, Penang.  Both of them, including Island Chapter O/C Youth Daniel Lim are recognized by JPN as Co-curriculum Technical Officers.

National Link Camp - Learn First Aid

The MRC National Link Camp 2013 was held from May 2-4 at Pusat Kokurikulum Pulau Pinang. The camp was hosted by SK Minden Height with the support of Headmaster En. Illias Bin Tajudin, teachers from high performance schools, PIBG and the Ministry of Education Malaysia. MRC Penang Branch, SPT Chapter and SPS Chapter assisted in the children’s training activities and provided first aid standby.

putrajaya youth camp

On May 22 -26, the National Youth Volunteers Camp was organized in Putrajaya by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia. The MRC Penang contingent consisted of 44 Youth members from all Chapters. The contingent was led by Ms Foo Lily (JPN Co-curriculum Technical Officer) who was assisted by Ms Saw Yam Mei (Teacher from SMJK Chung Ling) and Ms Saai Bua A/P Ebau (Teacher from SMK Sama Gagah).

youth fizikal commando

The Penang State Education Department (JPN) held a training camp from June 13-15 for uniform bodies at SMK Mutiara Impian, a secondary sports school in Seberang Perai South. About 450 students participated in the First Aid practical skill station. The briefing for this was done by facilitators from MRC: Pn.Shorgajati Bt Abdullah, Mr. Chang Chi Chern, Ms Foo Lily, Mdm Ooi Hwei Ching, Mr. Yew Fei Yun, Mr. Siaw Yen Ming (VAD, SPT) and Mr. Ong Theng Zhao (VAD, SPS).

Talk on Youth Proficiency Badges scheme and Co-curriculum

The National Foot-drill Competition 2013 (Northern zone) organized by Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) was held on July 6 at the Penang State Co-curriculum Centre. MRC Seberang Perai Central Chapter provided ambulance service with two crew for the standby duty and 15 Youth members led by JPN technical officers Mr. Daniel Lim and Ms Lily Foo to assist in the first aid.

youth fizikal - mock war

From August 30 to September 1, the MRC Youth Leadership Development programme was held at Penang Hill. About 80 Youth leaders joined the workshop conducted by Island Chapter O/C Youth, Daniel Lim.

youth uniform inspection

The Penang State Government held the National Day Merdeka Parade on August 31. A total of 49 MRC Youth members from SMK Taman Perwira and three officers participated in the march past held in Butterworth. Seberang Perai North Chapter also helped in the public first aid duty.

camp craft - set up tent

The MRC Penang Youth Leadership Camp was held from December 7-9 at SJKC Jit Sin Berapit, Bkt Mertajam. The objective of the Camp was to develop leadership potential in outstanding Youths, to encourage team-building amongst Youths and to promote MRC Youth proficiency badges scheme. About 300 members and officers were involved in making this camp a success.

youth learning - fire extinguisher

Besides camp crafts which included the setting up of tents and gadgets at the campsite, other activities included mass-cooking, exploring the International Humanitarian Laws, international phonetics & radio telecommunication skills, foot-drill training, fire safety precautions, casualty transportation techniques, learning practical first aid, CPR, team building and youth gathering. The course was conducted by MRC certified Instructors, the Royal Malaysian Army, Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squad, the Scout Master and Malaysia Amateur Radio Transmitters’ Society (MARTS).

Youth walkie talkie1

All the activities for the Youth and Link members were successfully carried with the support of the relevant MRC Officers at Branch and Chapter levels as well as the Youth Officers at the schools. The Branch worked closely with he State Education Department (JPN) and all District Education Offices (PPD) in supporting the co-curriculum programmes for the school students.

Youth Leadership Camp 2013