V.A.D. Overview

Individuals who join the Malaysian Red Crescent Society are grouped into three movement; Link, Youth and the Voluntary Aid Detachment. Links and Youth movement are for school members. The Voluntary Aid Detachment is meant for adult volunteers who have already completed their secondary school education.

A team of VAD consist of about 20-40 members and is lead by a commandant who reports to Chapter Committee. Members in the VAD consist of working individuals and students in tertiary institution. There are also a few homemakers in the VAD. The activities of VAD’s center upon more mature activities such as ambulance services, public duties & organising events.

In summary, if an adult individual joins the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, he will be placed in a Voluntary Aid Detachment.

VAD membership

Membership to the Voluntary aid Detachment is open to everyone above the 18 years of age. Individuals could choose to join any of the VAD’s available in Penang Branch, be it in Seberang Prai or Island. There is no age limit to becoming a VAD member.

Membership to the VAD is considered to be an ordinary membership in the Malaysian Red Crescent Society and is subjected to a minimal membership fee of RM2 a year.

Each VAD have their own specialty and expertise. The VAD’s have means to organize their own activities, therefore creating a niche among themselves. Before joining the VAD, you can ask around for each VAD’s activities and choose which of the VAD suits your lifestyle.


VAD activities are more mature and advanced in nature as compared the youth and link movement. As adults, VAD members are entrusted to carry out more complicated activities which require more responsibility, maturity and experience from the individual. Activities carried out by VAD members are such as

– Ambulance service
– Disaster Relief
– Community Service

There are also more training types and sessions available for VAD, such as Basic Life Support.

On top of that, VAD members has been known to organize community oriented programs which is more suited for the community. As adults, VAD members has networking skills, awareness and maturity level to reach out to more people in the community than the youth or link members. VAD members also bring along professional experience and know into the Malaysian Red Crescent Society to enable value added services to the Society.


Voluntary Aid Detachment members receive advanced training on first aid. These training are such as Basic Life Support which requires the participant to handle advanced medical equipment. VAD members are also given training on Ambulatory Services which enables them to drive the ambulance.

Being a member of VAD opens up the possibility for an individual to network and learn from each other. VAD members consist of individuals from various walks of life who share the same common interest of serving the community. Being a member of the VAD allows you to be different yet share the same cause.

If you were previously from the youth movement, the Voluntary Aid Detachment allows you to continue your service after leaving school. This will ensure that you do not waste away your experience and knowledge that you have gained during your service in the youth movement.

Being in the VAD also gives you the opportunity to be a leader in the Malaysian Red Crescent Society. Many VAD members have moved on to become Chapter and Branch committee members.

How to join

Please contact the respective chapter and express your interest to join the VAD. Each chapter has their own process of handling new members in the VAD. It is advisable that you choose the VAD that is based nearest to your place of residence:

1) Island Chapter

2) North of Seberang Perai Chapter

3) Central & South of Seberang Perai Chapter