Membership of Malaysian Red Crescent is always open to the public regardless of racial, religious, creeds, nationality, political, or ideological nature. Any individual with interest of voluntary to serve the community and strive for humanity are welcome to join us.

Categories of Membership

1) Honorary Member
– Reward to volunteer or member who has contribute a lots to the society with their excellent services and achievements.

2) Life member
– Adult who pays the require subscription for life.

3) Ordinary member
– Adult who may wish to volunteer and serve in any area of Red Crescent activity OR who prefers to give only financial support.

4) Voluntary Aid Detachment member
– Volunteer from the Undergraduate of Higher Educational Center OR any Adult (18 Years old and above) who would like to undergo training and serve actively for community.

5) Youth member
– Secondary school students.

6) Link member
– Primary school children.