It is the holiday season but duty beckons. Like their counterparts in the police force, Rela and other uniformed groups, Malaysian Red Crescent Society members were on duty at the Prime Minister’s Hari Raya open house.

A group of 28 members from the society’s Butterworth chapter were at the event to attend to cases such as fainting among the huge crowd. They did not mind working despite the holiday season. “I am very happy to be on duty because I can help people. I don’t mind sacrificing my holiday for such events,” said 14-year-old Saw Rui Xiang.

Rui Xiang joined the MRCS a year ago and eagerly offered her services whenever volunteers were needed. She joined the society because of her ambition to be a doctor. “I can learn how to save lives and how to deal with people’s problems,” she added. Among those whom the MRCS members helped was a seven-year-old girl who fainted at noon because of the sweltering heat.

The girl was sent to the Kepala Batas Hospital for observation after the MRCS members gave her first aid.