1. All Chapters must form an Awards Committee chaired by the Chapter Chairman for the selection of nominees. All Awards Committee meeting minutes must be sent to the Branch.

2. All recommendations from Chapters’ Sub-Committee Chairman, VAD Commandants or Youth Officers must go through the Chapter Chairman.

3. In accordance to the Nomination Form, the age must be counted based on 1st January of the Year of Birth.

4. All photographs must be pasted at the designated box on the top right hand corner of the Nomination Form.

5. All nominees’ position stated must be accordance with the Handbook and Constitution.

6. Nominees must be nominated for an award in ascending order from the first to the highest awards. Never in descending order.

7. Leave BLANK at the ‘Anugerah Yang Disokong Untuk Tahun…’ column in the Nomination Form.

8. ’Dewasa’ or VAD years of service begins from 18 years old and above.

9. All Nomination Forms and Citations must be typed. Hand written forms and citations will not be accepted.

10. All Nomination Forms must be submitted on time. No time extension will be given.

11. Citations must contain full name and Unit/VAD number and must be clear, brief and summarized strictly into 1 page only. Do not submit list of activities attended.

12. Chapter Chairman must sign the Citation (hard copy) and NOT the Nomination Form

13. Chapters must submit all Nomination Forms and Citations in soft copy i.e. CD or diskette in Microsoft Words format (as provided) using Times New Roman font / 12 Font Size format. ‘Save’ the files according to the nominees’ name and format i.e. Phang Peow Meng-Nomination Form / Phang Peow Meng-Citation

14. All Chapters must also submit a covering letter stating the list of names (arranged in priority order) and the number of nominations. The covering letter is to be signed by the Chapter Chairman ONLY.

15. All Nomination Forms must be submitted in 1 Original Set only.

1 Set = 1 Nomination Form (+ 1 Photo) + 1 Citation

16. Chapters must submit all Nomination Forms by Monday, 21st September, 2015

17. Each Chapter is limited to 40 nominations ONLY.

The Branch will only recognize Nominations by the Chapter Chairman.

All Chapters MUST strictly adhere to the above Rules & Regulations. The Branch will not hesitate to reject any incompliance Nomination.

– Revised 2009/AL –